CIT. Journal of Computing and Information Technology

The aim of the international journal CIT. Journal of Computing and Information Technology is to present original scientific and professional papers, as well as review articles and surveys, covering the theory, practice and methodology of computer science and engineering, modelling and simulation, and information systems.

Vol 22, LISS 2013, 2014

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Selected Papers from LISS 2013

Guest Editorial PDF
Shifeng Liu, Mincong Tang i-ii
Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Multiple Features PDF
Chi Zhang, Lei Huang 1-10
Research on Cluster Analysis Method of E-government Public Hotspot Information Based on Web Log Analysis PDF
Suozhu Wang, Jianlin Zhang, Fuze Yang, Jia Ye 11-19
The Dark Web: Cyber-Security Intelligence Gathering Opportunities, Risks and Rewards PDF
Gregory Epiphaniou, Tim French, Carsten Maple 21-30
Soft Time Windows Associated Vehicles Routing Problems of Logistics Distribution Center Using Genetic Simulated Annealing Algorithm PDF
Yuguang Wei, Luelue Zhou 31-39
A Semiotic Analysis of If we are holding hands, whose hand am I holding? PDF
Martin Wheatman 41-52
Research on Construction and Application of Individual Knowledge Management Maturity Evaluation Model PDF
Dan Chang, Xiaoying Han, Baowei Chen 53-61
Design of a Unified Data with Business Rules Storage Model for OLTP and OLAP Systems PDF
Stephen Opoku-Anokye, Yinshan Tang 63-73
Framework Design of Emergency Management Information System for Cloud Computing in Chemical Park PDF
Jinfeng Zhang, Xin Zhao, Xin Liu, Limin Hou 75-83

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